Best desktop keyboard

Best desktop keyboard for Mac & PC - Apple 84-key wired keyboard

After years, the Apple 84-Key USB Keyboard is still one of the best desktop keyboards, whether you have a PC or a Mac.

Why do we like it:

  • Great looks
  • great key ‘feel’
  • keys are not too noisy
  • can buy it for various languages
  • lots of covers available
  • not too hard to clean
  • 2 built-in USB ports mean you can easily connect a mouse or magic trackpad without extra cables.

On the other hand, once these do get broken, they are difficult to fix, better just get a new one if not under guarantee. If you are someone that frequently spills coffee or drinks on their desk, perhaps consider getting a silicon or thin plastic cover:

Get the keyboard here:

Apple Keyboard Compatible on Amazon

If you wrist is getting tired from your mouse, consider switching to an Apple Magic Pad for a couple of months and then back to mouse if needed:

Apple Magic Trackpad on Amazon

Remember to wash these with some alcohol (keyboards can be some of the dirtiest things we can touch)!

Protective Covers:

Silicone (thicker & softer):

Transparent Keyboard Cover Wired on Amazon

or TPU (plastic, thinner and closer to original feel):

Top Case Transparent Keyboard Wireless on Amazon

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