Best ‘Traditional’ PC Laptop

Dell XPS 13, currently the best PC ultrabook

If you are a Windows user and want a simple Ultrabook with great keyboard, edge-to-edge screen, weight & design – then you cannot go wrong with the latest Dell XPS 13 – one of the lightest and smallest laptops in the world, but having an extremely good screen and keyboard. Sometimes you are forced to have a dedicated PC laptop if you are coming from the Mac world. This is one of the few laptops (except the Microsoft Surface) that they can actually grow to like. We have used these babies for a while and it’s probably one of the best ultrabooks you can buy.

If you upgrade only one spec I would recommend the hard-drive, then only the processor and RAM/memory.

With touchscreen (cheaper & lighter):

Dell XPS 13″ Ultrabook with Touchscreen

Without touchscreen:

Dell XPS 13″ Ultrabook without / no Touchscreen

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