Petit Ermitage Boutique Hotel – West Hollywood

Petit Ermitage West Hollywood Boutique Hotel with private european pool

If you want to have some privacy, but also a relaxed and invite only space to hang out 5 minutes away from some of the most interesting places in West Hollywood, then Petit Ermitage is a real option. You can easily spend most of your afternoons and evenings on the rooftop pool with friends or other guests. Food is excellent, so is the selection of drinks – including the limited edition mescal! A little bit bohemian, with local art happenings at the hotel, small, intimate performance on the weekend, a bit anti-scene, very good taste with attention to detail. The hummingbird garden with actual hummingbirds is actually quite nice. Room wise, they have spent an exceptional amount of time on the beds, with custom-made mattresses and some of the best sheets I have slept under in a long time. I tried not to look at the bill because I had such a surprisingly good and authentic experience.

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